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Alison & sk8er booties

Cathy and I are very excited to unveil embe, our online shop offering unique, handmade gifts for babies and tots! I remember one day back in May when we took the kids on their first official playdate, the idea came up to start something together. At first, I thought “it’s just an idea” but after giving it some thought, I realized that there was something there. During our first meeting, we both shared our ideas for what we could call our shop, and we both came up with embe on our own. Now, talk about coincidence!

Isaac & leg/arm warmers!

The months leading up to our launch can be described as exciting, filled with late nights, inspiring, a learning experience, fun, and fulfilling. Starting a business is a lot of hard work but so rewarding in the process. We are both passionate about being mothers and being creative. embe allows us to combine both passions, and we hope that you join us on our creative and parenting journeys by reading our blogs and enjoying our creations for the little ones in your life!

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to embe!

  1. Very nice website! Clean and professional looking. Nice pictures and writing too. I hope you guys will do well when the business officially launches.


  2. greetings embe! Another parent referred me to your lovely website – it’s awesome! Your products are very practical and pleasing to the eye.

    Look forward to my custom order arriving soon. My 2 kids will love it. Thanks,

    Juan from Texas


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