Birthday gift idea on a budget

For my nieces’ birthdays, I wanted to get them something extra special. As I do not have any kids their ages (six and eight), I had no clue what would be considered “cool” for that age group. I did, however, remember that they both liked to play “cook” (I was the recipient of many plastic and imaginary foods!) and that sparked a fun idea!

Since I already had a collection of fabric, I thought it would be cute to make each of them their very own personalized apron. I made the apron pattern from an existing apron I made way back in the 7th grade for home economics class (yikes, that was a long time ago!). I embellished each apron with cute iron-on shapes and hand-embroidered their names on it. For one of the aprons, I just used ribbon for the neck and waist ties. Within a day, I had completed two unique and girly-cute aprons!

Along with their very own custom apron, I purchased each of them a kid cookbook and fun measuring spoons to finish off their gift. So, not only did they receive a birthday gift made from the heart, they received a something that could last them for years and also spark some creativity of their own (I’m guessing their mothers would call that a mess!). And to top it all off, I didn’t have to spend a fortune. After receiving “thank you” calls and promises for some real food the next time I visit them, spending the time to make their gifts was totally worth it.

NOTE: You can totally do this for boys as well (my nephew also loves to play “cook”!). Just use “boy” colors for the apron and adhere sports or animal appliques!

Handmade apron Personalized apron for birthday

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