Dream nursery for my girl


Like every every expecting mother I went through a nesting phase. Unfortunately we live in a 2 bedroom condo that was converted into a large 1 bedroom and I had no space to “nest.” To curb the feeling I would go online, pretend shop and bookmark everything I liked and I soon had a darling nursery for my daughter… even if it is virtual! My husband (and wallet!) should be thankful that we don’t have the space or we’d be in a small mountain of debt.

This is just a snipit of my list… in my dream world we have a monster sized nursery that can have a small seating/reading area where the ottomans and floor pillows will go with one of the two rugs while the other rug covers the sleeping/changing area. The monster sized room will also allow me to have two walls with vinyl decals without making the room too busy.

Ahhh dreams are great aren’t they?


From top going clockwise:

1. Jcaroline 26 inch floor pillows and 18 inch ottoman covered in Jessica Jones fabric.

2. Litto Kids Manhattan dresser/changing table from Arte Bebe in espresso.

3. Litto Kids Manhattan crib from Arte Bebe in espresso.

4. Figgyandwink pink alphabet set (vinyl wall decal).

5. Name Your Design stacked digits wall art set.

6. Avalisa Bubble wool rug from Modern Nursery & Lolli trees rug from Rosenberry Rooms.

7. Figgyandwink mod tree in black (more vinyl wall decal).

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