Ouch! The pains of child/mommyhood ;)


When my son Isaac was around 9-10 months, he started offering his food to me. Whether it was a cracker or some cereal he was snacking on, he’d stick out his chubby hands and gave me a look as if to ask “Mommy, would you like some?”. Most of the time I’d politely say “Oh no Isaac, you eat it…Mommy’s full but thank you!”.

Can you see the tear in his eye?!

The infamous apple ­čÖé

Well, one day he was munching on some apple and again, he offered me a piece. This time┬áI accepted his offer and decided to take a bite. Not only did I take a bite of the apple, but I also accidentally bit his little finger! It took him a few seconds to register what his mommy just did, and his eyes began to swell with tears, his mouth began pouting and then the floodgates opened! I felt horrible for hurting him, but the thought of what had just happened was so┬áfunny that I couldn’t stop laughing! It didn’t take long to console him, and I took his offering me another piece as his accepting my apology.

Later on that day, I was sitting on the stool in the kitchen┬ásurfing the Internet. Isaac was playing and cruising around the furniture. Normally he makes enough noise for me to know where he is at all times, but on this particular day, he made his presence known to me when he snuck up beside me and bit me in the thigh…OUCH! I let out a yell (I managed to contain it so that I wouldn’t scare him) and saw two little bite marks!

Now, I know kids that age are too young to know what payback is, but I couldn’t help but think how fitting it was!

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