Isaac update: 15 months


Isaac turned 15 months this past Monday. He weighs 24 pounds and measures 32 inches (we think the nurse gipped him out of 1/4-1/2 inch!). His “tests” indicated that his development is that of a 21-month old (hey, a mother has a right to brag, right?!). It’s so cliche, but I’m so amazed how fast kids grow! Just two months ago, he started walking, and now he’s practically running. Here are some of his latest milestones:

1) Learning how to say a few words – he’s been signing for quite a while– it’s still his main form of communication–but he’s also learned to say some new words besides “mama” and “dada”. If he wants us to pick him up, we won’t until he says “be^'” which means “hold/carry” me in Vietnamese. When he wants to go somewhere, he’ll say “di” which in Vietnamese means “go”. He also picked up “okay” which apparently we say a lot at home. He’ll say “bye bye” every now and then, but only when he feels like it.

2) Isaac learned to walk at 13 months. It’s quite amazing how he’s mastered it in two months when you think about how he didn’t crawl until 10 months and was just born a little over a year ago! Now, he’s learning how to pick up speed and although it’s not quite running, he’ll gallop a few steps and I’ll be telling him to slow down especially as he turns the corners. And I’m not sure where he learned it, but lately he’s been walking backwards. Maybe it’s his new sense of adventure–it makes me totally nervous!

3) Isaac has become quite the athlete (I’d like to say that he picked up my athletic skills, hehe!). Just a month or so ago, he’d throw a ball and it would always land behind him. Now he can throw the ball forward and with some force too. And he’s very good at kicking the ball. It even appeared on several occasions that he’d dribble the ball too (I’ll have to get it a video clip for proof as my brother-in-law would insist upon).

4) I guess it’s as much of a milestone for us as it is for Isaac, but we’ve both learned how to get through a haircut. The trick?! BLUEBERRIES!! I don’t know any kids who eat during a haircut. It certainly gets him to sit still, and I suppose it’s better than putting him in a headlock. We just figured we’d give him what he loves the most (food) and avoid the tears which causes the hair to stick to his face and then cause itchiness and irritability (it’s not a pretty sight, believe me).

5) Speaking of food, he’s totally off the bottle (at 12 months) and jarred baby food. He’s on 100% cow’s milk and eats whatever we eat. It sure has made life a lot easier not having to make a separate meal for him. He LOVES vegetables…he loves it so much that we have to give it to him after he’s eaten everything else on his plate. If he sees it before, he won’t eat the other stuff!

6) He’s learning how to make the sign of the cross. Before every meal, we start off with “In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.” He’s gotten the “Amen” down quite well, but we need to work on the “In the name of the Father” part because he’ll touch his ear instead of his forehead. I’m sure God will overlook that for now 😉



Haircut? Show me the blueberries...

Haircut? Show me the blueberries...

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