My childhood lovies


As a child I had a lot of lovies. There was a teddy bear that I’ve forgotten the name of but he’s present in quite a bit of my childhood photos. Then there was Christina the faux Cabbage Patch Doll my dad made me. There was also the real Cabbage patch doll I eventually got (and also named Christina). Finally there was Sally. The famous one of them all.

She was a talking doll and would say “ma ma” or cry whenever she was turned on her tummy. My sister and I shared a room at that time and after countless nights of hearing Sally babble on and on, my sister had enough and convinced my dad to make her stop. Being the inventor that he is, he hacked into her voice box and added an on/off switch. But that’s not what made her famous.

sallyIt was my short lived career as a hair stylist that did it. To this day I have no recollection of actually doing it but it happened. I cut her hair. It wasn’t pretty – as you can see in the picture! Thinking about it I wonder if I wanted her to have short hair like I did or if I had just gotten a hold of some scissors. What I do remember is making my mom wash her hair in the bathroom sink in order to make it grow back. To my dismay it never did.

After I grew out of the lovies stage, my mom kept Sally and I recently brought her home for my own daughter to play with. I think she might adore her as much as I did. My little peanut loves to touch her face, hands and feet and try to gauge out her eyes (!!!) but what she likes the most is the kisses that Sally gives her when she wakes up from nap-time. It’s sort of a routine now and the little peanut always smiles when she sees Sally.

I’ve been debating on if I should find a doll restorer in the area to bring back her pretty golden locks. I kind of like that she’s got some character (that’s what I call it!) and it’s a little reminder of my childhood.

What do you think? Should I have her hair restored or keep it as is?

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