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mobil Tissue boxes have become more decorative over the years. Gone are the days of the marbled blues, greens, and browns – thank goodness!

For a long time I always thought it was a shame to toss them out (in the recycling bin of course!) but never knew what to do with them if I kept them. Then one day it hit me, I could use them to make a mobile for over my daughters changing table!

All you need is an animal shape, an empty tissue box, chopsticks, string and some glue and voila! A mobile.

Here are the basic steps:

1. Cut out the animal shape from the tissue box (use two boxes for varied colors and designs). Make half of the shapes reversed so that you can glue them together and have the pretty side out.

2. Glue the pieces together with the string in between. I doubled the string and put the loop at the top to attach it to the chopsticks.

3. Use string to tie the chopsticks into an X shape. (Leave a tail for attaching it to the ceiling.)

4. Wrap the string from the shapes around the chopstick ends a few times to secure. This is where making the loop in step 2 comes in handy.

5. Hang and enjoy!

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