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Here’s one craft tip that my son was more than happy to partake…he got to eat it afterwards! This is a super easy way to decorate your cupcakes. All you need are the following:

cupcake decorator1) Paper – preferably cardstock to hold a small amount of confectioner’s sugar

2) Craft punch (if you don’t have a craft punch, you can cut out your very own design)

3) Cupcakes (a dark flavor like chocolate so that the white sugar shows or you can color your sugar with food color and let dry)

4) Confectioner’s sugar & sifter

Just take your craft punch and punch out some shapes on the piece of cardstock. Using the negative portion, hold the piece of paper over the cupcake (it’s probably easier to have a helper do this!) and sift the sugar until you get the shape to show.

For the opposite effect, take the punch-out shape and place on top of the cupcake. Sift the sugar all over the cupcake and then remove the paper shape and voila! You’ve just turned some plain cupcakes into edible art!

pretty cupcakes   cupcake 2

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