Digital photography for instant art


Flower photoI’m always looking for ways to add interest to my everyday life, and one way that I found to be fast, fun and yes, cheap is digital photography! It’s taken me a little while to find the perfect setting on my digital camera for close-up shots, but once I did, the possibilities for all of the pictures I’ve taken are endless!

Here are some ways to transform the digital pictures on your camera into art:

1) Wallpaper – tired of looking at the same image on your computer screen? Take your camera and take pics of things around your house or outside, i.e. close-ups of leaves, flower petals and – my favorite – food!

2) Wall art – you can take your digital pics and either print them on photo paper or have it printed professionally. Add a decorative frame and you have a wall accessory! Try printing in black and white for a classic look.

3) Calendar – using Cathy’s idea for printing calendars, you can use your digital pictures as background for creating your very own calendar. *hint* Would make great gifts!

cupcake   pretty beans

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