Can my baby read?


Your baby can readIt’s been about 6 months since my daughter started watching the Your Baby Can Read videos. While I was skeptical of the program when my MIL first mentioned it, we gave her the go ahead to purchase it for our daughter anyway. Our thoughts were that if she learned to read- great! If she didn’t – well the videos would help her learn new words and actions.

We started the videos when she was about 5 months. The first month, she wasn’t very interested in watching at all so we only had her watch it occasionally. At about 6 months we tried again and this time it held her interest and we began to have her watch the videos daily. She’s almost 12 months now, but has yet to “read.”

I’ll admit that we’re not following the program to a T since there are so many components. The flash cards, sliding cards and books are hard to fit into our day and sometimes she’s more interested in playing then learning. There are also the days she goes to grandmas that she misses the videos but we’re trying!

She has learned a few things though. We’re a bi-lingual family and try to speak 100% Vietnamese to her. So when she started waving and clapping only when she heard the words in English we knew it was because of the videos. We’ve seen her touch her nose, shake her head no and do “arms up” a few times when the video says to but she is not quite at the reading yet.

Just yesterday I did the flashcard test where I laid out clap and wave and asked my daughter which one said clap. She went for both. 🙂 I think the videos (and books, cards etc…) need a lot of time and emotional investment for the program to work as promised in the infomercials.

We’ll keep having her watch them and try to do more of the books and cards and hopefully soon I can report that my little girl is reading.

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