Greeting card book


I’ll admit it, I keep almost every card given to me. For awhile I didn’t know how to store them and just shoved them in a box. Then one day it dawned on me. I could use metal rings and “bind” the cards together by occasion so that whenever I wanted to look at my wedding cards or baby shower cards I could read them like a “book”.

Greeting card book


  • Metal rings – I get the ones in the embroidery section at Michaels. They come in sets of 2.
  • 3-hole punch – or any type of whole punch. The 3-hole works great because it will punch both holes at the same time and I don’t have to measure.
  • Greeting cards


Just punch the holes in the card and slip them onto the rings.


  • align the hole punch at the bottom of the card so that the bottom align.
  • use cardstock to divide events if you put multiple events into one “book”

Greeting card book

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