“Big boy” toddler towels


I gave my son a bath the other day and noticed that the hoodie towels that he’s been using ever since he was born were getting a little small. They would probably be okay if the weather were warmer but since we’re just at the beginning of winter, I thought he could use some larger, warmer towels so I decided to make a couple for him. Here’s how to make some toddler towels:

1) Find some towels of your own that you don’t use often.

2) Cut the bottom portion off (the vertical length) and used that piece for his hood (cut out a triangular piece). TIP: If you’re using various towels, you can swap out the hood pieces for a contrasting effect.

hood for towel

3) To cover the fraying, I cover the cut edges (on both the hood and the side of the towel) with ribbon or you can roll hem.

side seam for toddler towel

4) Sew the hoodie to one of the top corners of the towel.

hoodie sewn to corner of towel

5) You’re done! Your little one has a new towel!

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