Handmade giveaway for embe fans & followers!


Do you have a Facebook or a Twitter account? If so, today is your lucky day! Become an embe Facebook fan and Twitter follower for your chance to win some handmade goodies!

It’s that easy…all you have to do is become an embe fan/follower by March 5 and you’ll be automatically entered to win an embe handmade item – one item each for Facebook AND Twitter! To fan/follow us, visit:

http://www.facebook.com/embeshop (or use the link in our fan box on the left sidebar)

Already a fan/follower? You’re automatically entered! Want to increase your chances of winning? Refer your friends! Your name will be entered additional times if your friends let us know you referred them to our giveaway. For Facebook, just have your friends comment that you sent them to us on our page after following. For Twitter, have your friends retweet with @embeshop and @yourname.

Facebook fans have the chance to win one pair of our popular sk8er booties (retail value of $25)!

Twitter followers have the chance to win an adorable baby kimono sweater (retail value of $36)!

Sk8er booties Kimono sweater

Fan/follow us today and don’t forget to refer your friends to increase your chances of winning!

Become an embe Facebook fan and Twitter follower by March 5 and you will be automatically entered to win an embe item. embe will be giving away two items – one for each social media site. All fan/follower names will be collected and randomly selected by our kids! Winners will be notified by March 10.

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