Origami + frame = affordable art!


Buying art can be expensive, but if you have a picture frame and scrapbook paper you can create fun affordable art.

This is a personalized piece by creating my name using the alphabet instructions. Great for a baby’s room! The possibilities are endless though with origami-club.com’s great diagram or animated instructions. You could make flowers or animals or even landscapes.  [6-13-13 edit: the English page seems to have stopped working, the links are to the Japanese version. Click on the image of the origami you want to make, then click on the orange button to open the diagram)

embe craft tip - origami framed name

How to make it?

The frame is a 6 3/4 x 4 3/4 from Ikea. The letters were made from 2 x 2 squares. After making the letters I taped them to the background to hold them in place and put the frame back together.

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5 thoughts on “Origami + frame = affordable art!

  1. Where can I get instructions for the letters?



    Cathy Reply:

    Hi Aliza,

    The English pages seemed to have stopped working. I updated the links above to go to the Japanese version. Click on the image of the letter you want and then click the orange button to open the diagram. Here is the direct link to the alphabet. http://www.origami-club.com/abc/index.html




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