Candle bling bling!


embe craft tip - add sparkle to candles.While doing some spring cleaning I came across a box of candles and some craft supplies that included some glue on jewels. I remembered my sister’s wedding favors and how she slaved for hours gluing on beads and pearls in flower shapes to candles and thought it would be fun to try it out with the jewels I found.

It was fun trying out different designs. I used a silver sharpie on the dark pink candle, the light pink has flowers and the red candle is random sparkles.

It was two easy steps!

1. get yourself some candles and jewels (from the beads section of the craft store).

2. glue on the jewels either randomly on the candle or in a design.

It did take a lot longer then I anticipated because I couldn’t find any glue in the house. The glue stick failed miserably, the rubber cement I had was almost dried up, the super glue wouldn’t even come out of the bottle. In the end I was able to find some Elmers glue that worked perfectly.

Note: I have not lit the candles yet to see how well the jewels hold up to the heat and when it’s burned down.

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4 thoughts on “Candle bling bling!

  1. I am going to put some jewels on some candles I just purchased. I tried a hot glue gun and a liquid craft glue but after a while the jewels fell off. Did you find that the Elmers glue had long staying power? Are the jewels still on the candles? By the way they look lovely . Please let me know Thanks


  2. Hi Kathy-

    A few months after I made those I had to pack them up for storage to de-clutter our house to prep it for selling and I haven’t checked on them since. They did stay for the time I had them out.

    My sister did something similar for her wedding favors. She printed their names and wedding date on clear mailing labels and then glued (with hot glue) beads to the label before putting the label on the candle. They’re still attached and that was 10 years ago! Maybe you could try that?

    Good luck!


  3. WOW! I just went crazy putting bling on flameless candles I bought for Christmas. I had bought a bedazzler a few years ago thinking my grandaughter might enjoy doing it but she soon became bored. So, when I bought these plain candle sets at Krogers I decided to “bling” them up using the bedazzel jewels I had in my craft box! Works great! You just push them into the wax and they stay because of the prongs they have already on them.


  4. Hi, for some reason when i location your feed into google reader, it won?t do the job. Can you give me the Rss website link just to be positive I?m using the most appropriate 1?


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