Fun & free 4 kids in the Twin Cities – Children’s Museum


Wait, what? The Children’s Museum is free? Not every day but it is on every third Sunday of the month thanks to Target Corp.

There are 4 levels to the museum and many different play areas.  The Little Peanut had so much fun that we’re planning on heading back whenever we can. We had to drag her away from World Works, the water filled “action-packed, hands-on environment that encourages investigating, experimenting, problem-solving, and observing.” She also had so much fun grocery shopping and cooking in Our World, the “unique neighborhood experiences encourage kids to connect, cooperate and communicate.”

An added bonus for us: she took about a 2 hour nap when we got home! If you know our girl then you know that on a good day her naps are just about an hour long.

Some tips:

  • Get there early. It can get a little crowded in some areas by lunch time.
  • Speaking of lunch time. If you park in the ramp you’ll probably have to make a stop at McDonalds once the kiddo’s get a glimpse of it! It’s going to be crowded there at lunch time too. So either pack some lunch or plan to eat earlier/later then normal to avoid the lunch rush.
  • Parking in the ramp is only $3 with validation. Or if you’re lucky enough to get street parking it’s free.
  • The museum suggests leaving strollers in the car. It really is a good idea if your kids are able to walk. You’ll be busy chasing them around!
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