Craft tip: Butterfly streamer


Ever since we went to the Blooming Butterflies exhibit Little Peanut has got a thing for butterflies.

Awhile back I had cutout a few and taped them to the wall above her changing table. For a long time she wanted to take them down but I convinced her that they were decoration…. until one day last week when she batted her eyes and pleaded with daddy for them. So down they went. (She is totally daddy’s little girl!)

She was trying to make them “fly” by holding one in the air and flapping her arm around. That’s when I thought about attaching them to ribbon so she could wave them around (and so they wouldn’t be littered all over the house!)

I just used tape (but glue would work just as well) to attach the butterflies and made a loop on the end for hanging –

Or for her to put them on her wrist to “fly.”

I bet they would look cute hanging from the ceiling too. Hmmm.. I bet she would love waking up to dozens of them “flying” overhead on her birthday… the wheels are churning!

Click here to download our butterfly template to make your own!

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