DIY Storge Box With Ribbon Handle


Remember these storage boxes? We use one of them for the Little Peanuts train set and she always tries to carry the box around but the problem is there’s no handle cutout on the other side. The poor girl always ends up loosing grip and dropping all the pieces on the floor only to rinse and repeat!

I suppose the easy route would have been to cut out another handle on the back but well… I didn’t think of it until now. There can never be too many storage boxes for toys though so here’s the new and improved version – boxes with a ribbon handle on both sides.

This box was the perfect size so I didn’t have to do any cutting (my arms say thanks!) and just mod podged the paper on. Insane amounts of hot glue were used in attaching the ribbon so I think they’re pretty secure but I’ve already told the Little Peanut the box is for Lego’s only- no rocks! (BTW did you notice the little Lego people in the photo? She insisted they be there.)

Here’s a close up:

And here she is with her new box. Don’t mind the blurry photo. She’s like Flash from the Justice League sometimes!

Want to do your own? Here’s how:

1. Check out Ashley’s tutorial on how to make the box, except skip the part where you cut out the handle. I did steps 2-3 first before adding the decorative paper/fabric just in case I messed up the marking/cutting.

2. Measure and mark where the handles will be on both sides of the box. Mine are 3 inches and I wanted them centered but a little bit closer to the top.  You’re marking where to feed the ribbon through.

3. Using an x-acto cut slits in the marked places. Just a vertical line. Make sure the height is the same or smaller then your ribbon. My ribbon is 5/8 inches.

4. If you haven’t added the decorative paper do so now. While waiting for it to dry you can do the next few steps.

5. Measure your ribbon to be 2x the length plus 6 inches. Your ribbon is going to be folded in half to add extra durability. The extra inches are used for gluing the ribbon to the box. My handle is 3 inches length so the ribbon is 12 inches.

6. Cut out a piece of rectangular cardboard about 1.5 inch longer in length and 1 inch longer in width then the handle. You’re going to glue this piece to the inside of the box behind the handle so you want it large enough to cover and then some. My piece is about 5.5 by 2.5 inches.

7. Make sure the mod podge has dried before continuing on- I speak from experience as I was anxious to get the handle on the first time! Using the x-acto knife cut through your paper from the inside of the box through the slits you made in step 3.

8. Feed the ends of the ribbon through the slits. I used the tip of the x-acto to push the ribbon into the box. Make sure you leave enough slack so your fingers can hold the box. You should have about an inch on each side inside the box.

9. Get your glue gun and glue the ribbon down. Be generous!

Make sure to do both pieces and inside the loop. It should look like below after your done gluing.

10. Glue the rectangular piece on top of the ribbon. Again, be generous with the glue.

11. That’s it you’re done. Enjoy your box!

The box pictured doesn’t have nice paper on it but yours should!

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