Fabric rosettes, my long lost love


Fabric flowers have been on my craft list for a long time. With the weather getting cooler I did my seasonal closet clean and came across some jersey knit shirts from my pregnancy days. I put them in and took them out of the donate box a few times before deciding to keep them for crafting.

In an “ah ha” moment I remembered an episode of Martha Stewart where she made fabric necklaces from tee shirts with Queen Latifah and a recent tutorial on Little Birdie Secrets on fabric rosettes. After debating on if a necklace would be a good idea (because if you know me you know I’m not a necklace kind of gal) I decided to go with a headband instead. I’m not much for headbands either but there’s a 99% more chance I would wear a headband over a necklace.

And here she is:

Since I didn’t have any fabric glue I used my new favorite crafting tool- the glue gun. It got a little messy at times and I almost burned my fingers but it turned out great (and with fingers intact!). I didn’t have any matching buttons but I did have a string of metallic pearls that I knotted up and glued to the middle for a little bling bling.

Here are a couple of other flower tutorials I’m hoping to try out soon:

DIY fabric rosettes by Susie Harris

Scrunched rosetta by Simply Modern Mom

Fabric flower from Tea Rose Home

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