Fat Quarter Apron


Little Peanut has a lot of fun play cooking by pulling out all the tupperware and pantry items. Her favorite item to cook is soup for daddy. I always try to get her to wear her Little chef apron but she puts it on for a few seconds and then wants it off. She’s no stranger to watching mom (or grandma) cook but aprons have never been apart of our cooking attire so when I saw this tutorial from Prudent Mama I knew I had to make it so Little Peanut could see mama wearing her apron while cooking and do the same!

The tutorial is great and easy to follow. All you need is a fat quarter and some trim. I didn’t have any cute trim so I tried my hand at making a ribbon ruffle. For the ruffle I did a hand basting stitch about 1/4 down from the top, pinned it onto the apron and then machine sewed it on adjusting the ruffles as I went along.

I hit a few snags (more like user issues, but we won’t talk about that!) along the ruffle but it turned out great.

Here it is in action!

I never realized taking self photos using the camera timer would be so difficult. It took at least a few dozen tries before I got one that was in focus and had all of the apron in it!

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