Craft tip: Snowflake garland


The day after Thanksgiving, I went into full holiday decoration mode. I strung garland on the banister, the mantle, and put up my Christmas tree. I wasn’t sure what do with with the narrow window next to my front door until I came across some snowflake garland I made last year. It was a great way to recycle an existing item and add some whimsy to the window.

All you need is: holiday cardstock, snowflake punch (or any other holiday themed punch), string and stapler

1) Punch out the snowflakes. The number of snowflakes depends on the area that you’re decorating. I decided to use multiple strings hang the snowflakes

2) Holding two snowflakes together (decorative side facing out), staple the snowflake to the string. In my case, I carefully placed the string in between the staple so that I could adjust the placementof the snowflakes by sliding it up or down.

3) Continue to staple the snowflakes to the string until you reach the desired length.

4) Hang on a rod and voila!


In addition to a window, you can hang the snowflake garland just about anywhere: on a door, above your child’s bed, on the ceiling (that would be super cute), on the mantle, etc.

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