Last-minute handmade gift ideas – Part 1


One of my nieces mentioned that she wanted a spa trip for Christmas. Well, I couldn’t buy her an actual trip but decided to give her (along with my other two nieces) a spa experience. So I’m putting together some spa bags filled with nail polish, manicure/pedicure accessories, facial masks and more! I wanted to personalize it as well so I included a personalized towel for each. Here’s what I did:

1) Cut out the letters of their names from cute fabric prints. I used interfacing to add some stiffness.


2) Place the letters onto the towel and pin them in place.

3) On the Singer Simple (TM) sewing machine, I used the ‘C’ zigzag stitch and size 1 stitch to sew the letters to the towel.


These turned out really cute and didn’t take me long at all…and all I purchased were the towels. I hope they enjoy and get a lot of use out of their gifts!

Stay tuned for last-minute gift ideas – Part 2!!

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