Red velvet cake balls


These little red velvet cake balls are oh so yummy. If you haven’t heard of Bakerella then you’re missing out! She makes the most darling little cake pops for all occasions.

Since making my little Bakerella discovery I’ve been wanting to make the cake balls but never found the time- until last weekend. All the Christmas crafts were finished and I was feeling restless!

We actually dug into the cake after it finished baking because it looked so yummy. I used a Duncan Hines red velvet cake mix. We loved the texture and how un-sweet and moist it was.

A friend who had made them before gave me a great tip about throwing the balls in the freezer (instead of fridge) so that they would hold up to the chocolate dipping. It worked great and I had no problems.

I do wonder though how Bakerella gets her chocolate so smooth… mine had a lot of bumps and valleys as you can see in the picture but my husband said it gives them a homemade feel (don’t want some random store getting credit for my hard work!). I wrapped them up in little plastic baggies with twist ties to give to the grandma’s and got to thinking that these would make some lovely hostess and holiday gifts… that is if I can keep the hubby away from them!

Up next will be some cake pops or little cupcake pops. They look so darling!

What are you baking?!

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