The chef has her own kitchen!


The Little Peanut loves to cook. Especially to make soup for her daddy. We got her cooking pots and pans for Christmas and I figured she needed her own kitchen to go along with it.

Living in a condo leaves little room for big toy items such as a real kitchen (which I would LOVE to get if money and space were no issue!) I went for second best: Making one!

She's saying, "Let me cook in peace mom!"

The top has 4 stove-tops along with 4 knobs. There is also a oven panel with faux buttons and the time.

One side has a pocket for holding additional kitchen tools (You can see it in the very first pic). The opposite of that (in the picture below) has slots to hang spoons, spatulas and a cloth. For the oven I made the “window” out of felt because I have grand plans of cutting out felt food shapes so she can “stick” them on and pretend to cook. It’s been three months and I still have no felt food cutout….. someday!!

This was inspired by one made from Froken Skicklig’s blog. She’s taken down her blog but you can see a picture of her version on the tutorials page.

I used an ottoman as the base and opted to put the knobs on top since the height was right for the Little Peanut. I love that we can easily take off the cover and throw it in a drawer when we have guests.

She loves to put in play food and use the salt/pepper shakers from her cooking set (Educo Gourmet Chef Cookware) to season. A note about the set: the pot and pan were a bit smaller then I thought they would be.

It took me a whole day of intense work (I’m not the fastest sewer!) and was so proud to show it off to the hubby when he came home from work that day. It bummed me out to have to put it into “hiding” until Christmas!

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One thought on “The chef has her own kitchen!

  1. Hi Cathy,

    I followed a link in my site statistics – and what a lovely surprise to see your version of the fabric play stove! It looks fantastic and I hope that Little Peanut has been cooking a lot of delicious meals since then 😉

    Sunny greetings,



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