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Little Peanut’s closet is full of adorable sleeveless a-line dresses that haven’t been worn since winter hit. After seeing this Cropped Fleece Jacket from Shwin&Shwin I knew I found a solution to our problem!

While hers was military inspired mine took on more of a vintage swing jacket look (probably due to my lazy “lets just eyeball the measurements and cutting” technique!) I still love how it turned out and see endless possibilities for different variations.

Here’s the Little Peanut all dressed up and ready to jump on a plane to Paris:

This photo (below) shows a more accurate color to the jacket. I love the asymmetrical front and the cuffed sleeves. The flowers were added on after I finished because as I looked at it, I thought, it needs a little something extra!

I opted to do a button hole instead of the loops (because I didn’t have two matching buttons) but think it looks great. Plus it’s easier to put on a moving kid!

Here’s a closeup of the flower (below). I just cut out 1 black flower and 2 red flowers from fleece and sewed them on using french knots.

With this being my first jacket I’m thrilled with how it turned out. Working with fleece was so easy. Shwin&Shwin instructions were great. I did have to cut the front piece twice because I failed to read ahead (I cut the neck hole in the wrong place) and had some trouble with step 8 but I think I fudged it well enough to pass. 🙂 Definitely plan on making a few more in various colors to match all her dresses!

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