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Newborns always get tons of “oohs” and “ahhs” when going out but I’ve noticed that we get a lot more whenever the babe is in a sling.

Many moms inquire about the Moby Wrap and how we like it. Others comment on how he looks so snug and comfortable. I’m a huge fan of our Moby and am so glad my cousin sent me hers to use when we had the Little Peanut. My daughter was a fussy newborn and loved to be held. Being first time parents we kinda catered to it and definitely carried her more then necessary. The Moby really helped during those months!

This time around we’ve gotten lucky and have only used it while out and about. Since I’m not fond of dragging around the car seat or stroller in the store I’ve been using it pretty often. I really enjoy having him in my arms but it takes a little work to put it on and get him snug inside the Moby. Plus with the summer humidity it gets really hot for both of us, not to mention it makes my bangs stick to my forehead as you can see in the picture (Shh, don’t tell my hair cutting lady. She would have a fit!) With that in mind I started looking for an over-the-shoulder-but-not-a-ring-sling-sling and came across this pattern from Karma Baby and decided to make one.

And so for a total of $5.09 (yay for being thrifty!) and a few hours of sewing we had ourselves a sling.

The pattern itself is pretty easy to follow. I, however, had to complicate it by only buying one yard of fabric and wanting to make it reversible. Measure twice and cut once right? Well for some reason I kept thinking it was one yard and didn’t bother to double check while at the store. Thankfully you cut it at 22″ lengthwise so I was able to piece it together to make it long enough.

The reversible part threw me for a loop because I couldn’t figure out how to sew it to turn it correctly. After some seam ripping I got it right and thought “duh” that was obvious.

I love the fabric pattern and colors and it was on sale! It usually takes me ages to pick something but this was love at first sight. I think I’m going to have to get more to make a blanket or pillows for the little guy. The only downside to it is that it’s flannel and doesn’t slide very well. I have to be sure to put it in the right position first before putting him in. There’s also the possibility of it getting hot but I’ve only worn it once so no verdict on that yet. The opposite side is cotton.

He seems to enjoy it and fits snugly inside. In fact, he fell asleep pretty quick when I put him in the kangaroo hold. I do feel that I have to support his body and head a lot more in this one then in the Moby.

There is also a little pocket to put small items like money, tissues or s toy. It’s kinda hard to see since it’s the same fabric though.

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