Empty shelves need sprucing!


Our new home has these great built in shelves that surround the fireplace in our living room. Coming from a tiny one bedroom condo we have few decorative items to display. I’ve been on the hunt for unique looking vases, pots, statues… not exactly sure what but I keep telling my husband I’ll know it when I see it! The problem is there are 6 selves. Only two of which are filled (one with photo books and the other is a charging station for our i-devices). Four of them have been sitting empty just waiting for the right item – which I’m reluctant to admit may never come.

Then last week it hit me. I can dress them up for the current season/holiday! We won’t be looking at the same items year round, it will keep my creative juices flowing and give me a great place to use all these free printables I keep downloading (is there a “download anonymous” group? I think I have a problem!)

It’s still a work in progress but I’m so proud I had to share what I’ve gotten done so far. 🙂

Shelf 1:

I’m in love with Oohmoon’s “One illustration a day, free for one day each day of the year” project and knew I had to incorporate one of the Fall Foliage illustrations. We had just done some pumpkin painting at Mary’s house so it was an obvious choice and a favorite of the Little Peanuts. The left side are scrapbook printables from Canon’s Creative Park site. The right side is  a cutout pumpkin with a 3-d paper twig. I think the brown backing on the pumpkin weighs that side down a little but I had already glued it on and was committed!

Shelf 2:

Can’t forget about the spooky side of Halloween so this shelf has a mini haunted house – another Canon Creative Park printout. The printable includes a cat, witch, zombie and ghost too but all the little pieces seemed so daunting!

The spider in the frame is made from some foam stickers I had picked up last year. You can’t tell but it’s sorta 3D-ish with the spider popping out. Hmm some real web action in the corners of the shelf would probably finish the look really well. I’m putting that on the list for next year!

The three mini vases were an impulse buy from the dollar bin at Micheals. With 3 for a dollar who could resist? They were a frosty yellow color, but I’ve jumped on the chalkboard paint bandwagon and gave them a good spray. It may look like a little alien on the first one but it’s really a skeleton. I’m not the best artist… I may have to get my nephew to do them for me next time. He’s a wonderful artist and he’s only 9! Anyway, I’m thinking of making some black roses to place in them.

So that’s two shelves down and two more to go! Do you decorate for Autumn/Halloween? I’d love to hear about them!

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