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Last month our boy was Baptized. My mom being the sentimental type saved my younger brothers baptismal outfit and has passed it down to us kids. I had intended on having our little guy wear it but when I tried on the onesie was way too large which kind of makes sense because my brother towers over the rest of our family. (We don’t know where he got it from! We’re all shorties.) It also only came with a vest, bonnet and shoes – no pants or some lost pants?!

Luckily I’m armed with a sewing machine and a few great online tutorials to whip up some last minute pants and bow-tie.

Initially I wanted to find fabric to match the vest but was unable to find the right shade and texture fabric and went with a cotton bottom-weight fabric in cream. I think it made a nice contrast to the white onesie and vest.

For the pants I turned to one of my favorite bloggers Prudent Baby who has a great tutorial for sewing pants (when are the tutorials not great?!). But because it’s been a steamy summer I made them shorts instead of pants. I also went with an elastic waist instead of drawstring.

Since this was a big occasion I added a cuff to the bottom of the shorts to make them a little “fancy.” I had to do quite a bit of seam ripping for the cuff because I made the legs too tapered, but love how it turned out.

I also had this bow-tie tutorial from Shwin&Shwin bookmarked in my “for the boy” folder and thought it would add a cute touch to the outfit. It was pretty quick to put together. Hubby thought it was a little big but I think it looks darling with the vest. For everyday wear I do agree that it’s a little big and would probably go smaller on the next ones.

So there he is our handsome little guy on his big day. We went without the bonnet because he kinda has an oily head and I didn’t want him to be smelly with all our family there!

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