Little Red Riding Hood Grows Up


Apparently I have a thing for red and tops with hoods. One of our best sellers is the Little Red Riding Hood Poncho. I made the first one when my girl was only 2 weeks old! Grandma had come over for the day and spent most of it cuddling with her on the couch while I got to rest and knit. Fast forward three years [sidebar: oh wow 3 years already! how did she get so old?!] and with a need for some new fall outerwear I made her a new Little Red Riding Hood-esq jacket.

Oh how she’s grown!

In true “Cathy” fashion I completely winged it using only a old hoodie of hers as a template. It seemed daunting at first and I cut the pieces way to large fearing it would be too small. I now have tons of strips of fleece in my scrap box! There was a mis-cut for the length of the jacket but it turned out for the better. I added an extra 4 inches or so by making a bottom “trim” that goes around the whole jacket. I think it gives it a nice finishing touch. Yay for unintentional mistakes!

She was super excited to model it for me (or maybe just excited to be outside!?) and was a total ham for the camera.

Here’s a close up where you can see the ribbon trim around the front edge… that was added to cover up my wobbly seam. 🙂 I may add the ribbon around the sleeve/cuff too but those seemed pretty straight.

The extra large buttons are great too. Within a few days of wearing the jacket she figured out how to unbutton it. Using fleece was a good choice because I didn’t have to worry about sewing button holes or how to manage the inside seams. Pinking sheers did the trick. I’m already planning the next one… this time in green. Her favorite color.

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