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When my daughter was born she received tons of baby blankets. At the time I wasn’t sure what we were going to do with all of them. But sure enough we ended up using them all. There are three that the girl has claimed for her own and has said the rest are ok for her brother to use too. Its great that she knows how to share but I wanted him to have a blanket he could call his own.

When I saw this tutorial from thismamamakesstuff.com I knew I wanted to make it. I also knew I wanted to use the same fabric from the sling but when I went back to JoAnn’s for it I couldn’t find it and neither could the workers. Trusty old Google led me to an etsy store with it in stock.  It cost almost twice as much then the yard I got at JoAnns but I had my heart set on it and also knew I probably wouldn’t find it anywhere else. Totally worth it though because it fits in so well with the boys room decor – blue and red.

To make it special for the boy I also added an applique initial to one of the corners.

The tutorial was great and easy to follow. I love that it didn’t require any turning or bias. The fluffy fabric also allows for some fudging around the corners and hides uneven stitching, not that I do any of those things. Haha.

One last photo of the blanket with Bear Bear. I love love love the soft and fluffy fabric backing. It’s super warm to cuddle under.


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3 thoughts on “Fluffy blanket with initial

  1. I was wondering what the material you used for your backing? I’m in the process of making a similar blanket to the “He’s All Boy” blanket and was thinking of just using cotton quilt material, but I’m still pretty new to sewing. I worry that all my uneven sewing would show that way. Plus that blue you used looks super snuggly!



    Cathy Reply:

    Hi Sara,

    The blue fabric is from Joann’s. It’s called soft and fluffy and hides uneven stitches really well. 🙂 My store had it near the terry cloth. The Dino fabric is a cotton flannel. Good luck!



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