Gathered [camera] strap cover


Last week Little Peanut fell off a stool and fractured her arm. Luckily it’s just a hairline fracture so no cast needed but she does need to wear a sling for a month. As soon as I saw it ideas for making it girly and cute popped into my head. Unfortunately she had other ideas and refused to let me touch it. We’re only 4 days in so there’s still time to work some magic (or decorate it while she sleeps!)


Last night though after noticing how the strap rubbed up against her neck I made a fun strap cover in her favorite color and slipped it on this morning while she was changing. All she said was, “it’s green!” when she saw it.

embe - gathered strap cover

While I didn’t follow the tutorial (lazy me didn’t want to go get the computer…) it was based off of the Gathered Camera Strap tutorial from The Cottage Home. The tutorial is great and I had used it to make a camera strap cover for my sister. The only thing I would suggest it cutting the ruffle/gathered fabric wider. I had some problems sewing it to the backing and really had to manipulate the ruffles to get it to fit.

Its a shame this pic turned out blurry. I love her model pose and puckered lips. Such a little diva.

embe - ruffled strap cover

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