Tin Can Vase


I’m sort of a tin can and glass jar horder. One of our laundry room cupboards is filled with em! Last night I finally pulled them out to do some crafting.

My garden is almost blooming and with it being wedding season I got a little romantic with my tin can vases!


Love, cherish, adore, XOXO are stamped onto the fabric. The fabrics are bleached and non-bleached muslin cut with pinking sheers and wrapped around the cans. I went the lazy route and taped the fabric on but I think hot glue would be better for handling.

All that is missing are flowers! Edit to add: No longer missing flowers. 🙂

We had a little bridal shower for my co-worker and they really added to the table spread. I especially love the color combo of the flowers (got super lucky that they’re in bloom early this year!)

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