Colorful 1st Birthday Party


This party was so much fun to plan and execute. I’m not gonna lie, I love how it turned out! I wanted a fun and bright theme and the result was colorful.

colorful birthday party

My goal was to spend as little as possible on decorations because the bulk of the budget was going towards food and alcohol. We had to feed approximately 60 people! One pack of colored paper and 6 streamer rolls really went a long way! Keeping up with tradition I made  the invitations, “Happy Birthday” banner, circle toppers, food labels, and the streamer buntings. (Not sure if you would consider those buntings?!)

colorful bunting

The streamer buntings were the result of laziness to grab the ladder from the garage. 🙂 Initially I had planned to string them along the ceiling in the living room. I think I got more bang for my buck by making the buntings though and I was able to make a few to hang around the house.

colorful birthday party

The desert table included fluffy mousse (super yummy btw!), two cakes (one smash), and candy. Both cakes were from Lunds. It took all day to make the mouse because of the many layers but they look oh so cute!

colorful birthday, birthday boy

And there’s the birthday boy. He had a great time with the cake. Unsure at first if he should dig in but then bawled when we took it away. One year old already. Can’t believe how fast the last 12 months have gone.

I’ll be offering some of the printables as free downloads soon, so stay tuned!

EDIT: The printables are here!

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