“My first Christmas” ornament


Last year when I saw this hand-print ornament on Pinterest I knew I had to try it for the little one. Since I didn’t have any embossing tools I went with paint. [These were actually made last year… I never got around to posting about them and when I did it was way past Christmas! Baby was about 7 months at the time. Looking at the ornament this year, his hands were so tiny!]

I recruited hubby to help since I figured making it while baby slept would probably be the easiest. He’s such a deep sleeper – he didn’t stir at all when I picked him up from the crib or when I painted his hand multiple times! It took about 8 tries to get a “good” print where all his fingers and hand were imprinted.

Of course we couldn’t let the baby have all the fun…. Little Peanut made one as well. Hers was done in one shot. Of course it was easier since she was 3!

I also wrote their names and the year at the bottom with a sharpie.

She (Mandy of http://www.asortafairytaleblog.com) has a full tutorial posted on her blog here.

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