Celebrating National Craft Month!

I (heart) Texas Canvas

Hello March! Not only am I looking forward to seeing the snow melt from my lawn, I am excited about about trying out three projects (for the third month of the year) that I found on Pinterest in honor of National Craft Month!


Project #1: LEGO(r) Crayons

This LEGO crayon project from estylojewelry is the perfect craft project for my boy who is in love with LEGOs. His birthday is coming up in May and I think these would make some great party favors!

UPDATE: I made a batch of these colorful LEGO people and I can’t wait to make more! The hardest or rather, the most tedious part of this whole project was peeling off the paper from the crayons. The fastest,cleanest way I found was to run an Exacto knife down the length of the crayon and then peel off. Good news is that I spent one evening peeling off an entire box of 64 crayons that I picked up at the dollar store for $2.50.

LEGO in mold     LEGO crayons!

Project #2: Animal Silhouette on Canvas

I am going to modify this canvas project by bluechickadee somewhat as I will not be decorating a nursery. Instead, I plan on a Longhorn silhouette for my alma mater (Hook ‘Em Horns!). It will look great in my home office!

UPDATE: Canvas #1 is complete! I spent the evening working on it and didn’t finish until near midnight but it was worth it! Paint is not my medium, but I’m glad how it turned out (as long as you don’t look at it too closely!). I am calling this “Ombre, Longhorn Style”. It will go well in my home office. Canvas #2 is now complete! I kind of winged it and improvised as I went along. I think it turned out okay! They’re both hung proudly in my home office and got my kids’ stamp of approval. They’ve already put in orders for their own rooms!

Canvas artwork - ombre with Longhorn silhouette    I (heart) Texas Canvas


Project #3:Sandpaper Printed T-Shirt

My kids love drawing so why not make their “works of art” something they can wear too? This sandpaper printed T-shirt project from alphamom reminds me of a similar project I did when I was in 1st grade a gazillion years ago 🙂

UPDATE: The kids really enjoyed this project. What I found was that pictures that were outlines (vs. filled in) ended up looking better. Also,what I did was really saturate the lines with crayon as my kids weren’t able to apply as much pressure. This is an airplane that my son drew (he LOVES airplanes and knows all the major airlines!).

Sandpaper image   Image on T-shirt

Bonus: A craft project that I completed that wasn’t part of the original three was giving my living room pillows a makeover. Before they were a drab green/brown fabric and I decided to give my room a pop of color. The entire project (including the design, measuring, cutting and sewing) took about 1.5 hours. I didn’t spend a dime as I already had the fabric as part of my stash 🙂 I love the blue/orange combination!

Spring pillows!   Pillows on couch



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