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Two years ago we moved. A new house and a new baby meant I was going to be even more forgetful about paying the bills on time. We came from a condo where our only bills were the mortgage, association fee and internet. As new homeowners I had to wrap my head around paying for electricity, water, gas, garbage, etc. Needless to say it was overwhelming. I knew I had to setup a system or we would be up to our necks in late fees! The first thing I did was to setup automatic payments on all the ones I could. But I also wanted to know how much we were spending monthly on everything so we could budget and cut back if needed. This is where the binder comes in:

Each type of bill has a page to track the amount, date due and if it has been paid. This lets me see at a glance the trends in our habits (leaving lights on or too long showers etc.). And I hate to admit it but sometimes I sound like my mom… “turn the lights off when you leave the room!” or “Are you trying to cool the whole house with the fridge?” If she knew I said those things she would be proud that it stuck, hehe.

Instead of filing the paper bills in a folder, behind each bills page I put a letter sized envelope with the top cut so I can slip in the bills.

The inside cover of the binder has a pocket which I put in a letter opener, our checkbook and stamps for easy access.

So, I know it’s already April but it’s never to late to start getting organized. 🙂 There are two PDF’s one for specific bills and one generic for other types of bills.

Click here to download or click the image.

bills binder - embe

The PDF includes:

  • Cable/Internet
  • Electricity
  • Garbage
  • Gas
  • Insurance
  • Medical
  • Water/Sewage

Click here to download the generic version or click on the image.




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4 thoughts on “Bills Binder Pages | Free Download

  1. Can i edit this to make 2014 the year? i am trying to use my school breaks and get ahead of some of the little things. This is awesome and can’t wait to try it!



    Cathy Reply:

    Hi Rachel- The pages are PDF’s and not editable but I will work on getting some blank ones with no year up this week. Thanks! Cathy



    Cathy Reply:

    Hi Rachel- I just put up some editable PDFs in a new blog post.

    Thanks for the suggestion!


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