DIY: Cardboard Playouse 2

embe cardboard house

Awhile back Mary shared her DIY: Cardboard Playhouse and whenever we get together at her house my kids just love playing in it. Since I’m kind of a cardboard box hoarder and hubby suggested maybe throwing away some of the boxes, the horror! I thought it was time to make a house for my kids as well.

embe DIY cardboard house

The house is held together with duct tape. Lots of duct tape. The main part is one box (a freezer box, seen far left in the picture above) so there wasn’t much taping to do for that. The roof is a combination of a few boxes. After I taped the structure together (middle picture above) I covered most of it with brown craft paper or wrapping paper. Then I let the kids loose with paints, markers, crayons and other craft items to decorate.

embeshop cardboard house

My son went for the markers. Lots of scribbles!

embe cardboard house

My daughter went for the paints. Blobs of paint. 🙂 She also requested some curtains for the window and I’m not sure why but I put them on outside the house.

It’s been about a month since and every now and then I’ll find my daughter adding some art to the house.  The inside is still largely un-decorated, mainly because we ran out of paper, but I’m hoping to get to that someday!

They seem to enjoy it and play inside quite often! I love when they both crawl in and read, draw or just whisper with each other.

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