Dollar Store Spring Wreath

embe spring wreath

It’s been pretty quite around here but spring has arrived and so has the crafting bug! This weekend I finally put away the winter decor from our front door. With no flowers blooming in the front garden yet I wanted to add a little spring to the entry.

dollar store DIY wreath

Since wreathes go through a lot of wear and tear from being outdoors I hit up the dollar store and purchased these items:

embe spring wreath

– Pool noodle
– 3 bunches of flowers
– 1 bunch of leaves
– birds (came with 2)
– foam sheets (not pictured)
– floral wire (not pictured)

I also used these items that I already had, but you can probably find most at the dollar store as well:

– ribbon
– yarn
– burlap
– silver spray paint
– hot glue
– floral foam block
– moss
– popsicle stick
– packing tape (for the wreath form)


The pool noodle into a wreath trick I learned about on Pinterest. After making the wreath form I wrapped half of it in burlap and the other half with yarn.

[Side note/tip: instead of wrapping the yarn, you can save some time (and sanity!) by crocheting the yarn onto the wreath form. This crafty lady shows you how.]

The flowers were either hot glued on or I tucked the stem into the yarn. Cutting the stem to about 2 inches is a good length.

The birdcage was made from the foam sheets, floral wire and a lot of hot glue. I wasn’t sure how or if it would turn out and didn’t take any photos along the way. Here’s a rough idea of what I did.

1. Cut out a circular shape for the base, I think mine turned out to be about 3 inches diameter.
2. Cut a 1 inch strip that will fit around the circumference of the base.
3. Hot glue the strip to the base.
4. Cut the wire into 4 even strips.
5. Straighten the wires and arrange them so that they criss-cross in the middle (like an X but with all the wires).
6. Hot glue where they intersect.
7. Once the hot glue dries you can bend them into the birdcage shape, fitting it into the base.
8. Hot glue the wire to the base.
9. Once the hot glue dries, spray paint the whole thing silver. Don’t forget the bottom like I did!
10. While the spray paint dries prepare the bird and stand by cutting the popcicle stick into 2 inch pieces. Glue into a T form. Glue the bird to the top.
11. Once the spray paint is dry, glue a small 2×2 piece of floral foam to the center of the base, stick the bird stand into the middle and cover with moss.

Here’s a close up of both flowers and birdcage.

embe dollar store wreath embe dolloar store wreath bird cage

I love the pop of color the flowers give to our front door and can’t help but smile knowing that it didn’t cost too much to make.


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