Craft Project: Fun AND practical bookmark for young readers


My kids have become avid readers and it’s been pretty fun seeing them get excited about books and reading. They’ve each picked up a book series that they really like. They’re reading chapter books now – this means no pictures, smaller text AND reading along with them to make sure that they can read the more complicated words make sure they comprehend what they are reading.

The reading challenge for my young readers

So I committed to reading with them (almost) everyday; one challenge I realized was that they have hard time keeping their place because and with smaller text, it’s easy to lose of track of what/where they are reading. We resorted to a notecard to place it underneath the lines they were reading. This worked okay for a while before they started losing their notecards. When they were done reading, they would place it upright and then they’d forget what paragraph they left off on.

Fun craft project solves reading issue!

As I was now reading with them, I wanted to make the time as valuable as possible. And being my crafty, problem solver self, I took to my craft supplies to come up with my “popsicle/craft stick bookmark.” I took a jumbo craft stick, traced it on the back of some pretty design paper and cut it out – the kids chose their own designs of course!

20161127_100840  20161127_101024

Next, I took a large paper clip and hot glued it to the back of the craft stick. Glue it about 1/2 – 3/4 from the end and make sure the smaller part of the clip is pointed “in” (this is where it will clip onto the pages of the book).  Lift the small part of the clip slightly so that it’s not so “tight”.


Then I glued the design paper onto the front of the craft stick.

20161127_101445   20161127_102448

Allow the glue to completely dry before using. I recommend clipping it to 3-4 pages. By slightly lifting the inside part of the paper clip per the instruction above, you’re allowing some movement and the sliding motion as the kids move from line to line.

Here is how it looks like clipped to the book. When your kid is done reading, it can remain on the last page and line he/she read and not slip off, thanks to the paperclip!

20161127_104312  20161127_105136

My kids love their custom bookmark,s and I love a practical craft project that they can use while they become even more avid readers!

BONUS: Here is a video clip of the craft stick bookmark in action! If you have a young reader in the house, this craft stick bookmark may just help him/her improve their reading skills…give it a try today!





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