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Anticipating a daily barrage of “What are we doing today mommy?” over the summer months I created this daily board for the kids. It started out as a board to show them what activities they would be doing and where they may be going that day. As I was drawing out the concept I thought adding date/time and weather sections would be a fun interactive way to get them thinking about days of the week and weather. It turned out to be a very nice way to begin the day!


I had some pretty lofty goals for “mommy school” over the summer but in reality it was difficult to keep up! We did the daily board about 4 days a week, which was more than I could have hoped for.

My investment to make the board was pretty minimal since I had many of the items I needed:

  • a magnetic frame (I made this awhile back for the kids magnetic toys)
  • chalkboard vinyl (leftover from my craft room organization)
  • vinyl for the words (lots of vinyl I collected over the years)
  • magnetic alphabet (from before)
  • time clock (I think this was from the Target dollar section)
  • magnet paper (the only thing I purchased for the project)

I’ll admit, having a Silhouette Cameo was a lifesaver for this! I used it to cut the magnets and the text/images on them. The magnet paper is printable so you could design and print the text/images to print on the magnet paper. I opted for vinyl because my printer needed new toner.

daily-board-detail-2For “The weather today” section, I created some of the more frequent weather icons for the kids to choose from. They would look out the windows to see which one to choose. I also showed them how to use a weather app on the iPad to check the temperature. They would write it in and then color the thermometer. At the bottom, they would circle or put a checkmark next to cold, warm, hot depending on the temperature for the day.

For “Today’s date is” section, initially I planned on making magnets for the months as well but decided it would be good practice for them to write the month in. They learned how to read a calendar to see what day, month, date and year it was. Then at the bottom write it in shorthand.

The very bottom showed the (educational) activities and where they would be going for the day. This was a huge hit with my son because he always asks what the days activities are. I tried to plan various crafts and learning activities for them so that we were doing different things and will post about those soon!


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