Sisters Rule! Girly Whirly Weekends


20160812_141638Shortly after giving birth to my second child (that was six and a half years ago!), my sisters and I decided we needed to spend time together as sisters. It never dawned on us to do it before we had kids, but I also believe that after entering motherhood and realizing how tiring, stressful and scary it can be (don’t get me wrong, we also know how wonderful motherhood is too!), we realized how important it is for us to focus on our well-being in order to be better wives and mothers.

So a tradition was born! Ironically enough, it was my brother-in-law who gave our sister’s weekend the name ‘Girly Whirly’. We would pick a location (so far it’s been in Texas since I am the only one out of state), and I would fly in to meet up with everyone. Two of my sisters would either drive up from Austin or down from Dallas, depending on where we would meet. We’ve had it at another sister’s house (displacing the husband/kids), at a hotel, at several Air BNBs. Our goal is to have a true destination GWW with all the accommodations of a nice hotel!!

I thought it would be fun to shower my sisters with gifts! I’ve always focused on personalized gifts and had Cathy create our very first GWW logo. There were five birds, all representing each sister. We’ve carried the bird as a symbol in other logo creations and gifts.

We would spend the weekend hanging out together staying up late watching movies, doing craft projects, shopping, going to the spa for mani/pedis, facials and massages. We would dedicate one nice meal out at a nice restaurant. Really, it was a time to get away from being mom/wife for just a little while.

These Girly Whirly Weekends have allowed all of us to bond and reconnect…I will always cherish these moments!

This is the last logo I designed for our GWW this past summer. I cut it out on iron-on vinyl and adhered them to some fun lounge pants!


Here’s the entire gang after attending mass. Yes, that is a baby…we haven’t had one GWW where someone wasn’t pregnant, nursing or just had a baby! Maybe next year may be it!!


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