Last minute gift ideas: Personalized gift card/money holder


With the holidays just around the corner, I bet many of you (including myself!) are trying to look for last-minute gift giving ideas. And if you’re like me and hate the idea of actually shopping, gift cards and even cash are great options (especially for those that are difficult to shop for!). Plus, I have SO many nieces and nephews that it just lessens my stress levels during this busy time to create an assembly line of craftiness for many recipients all in one sitting!

Personalized gift card/money holder

The first thing I did was shop…around my house for items that I could use for a money holder. I have plenty of craft paper and I was lucky to find hidden behind my bakeware, a pack of plastic holiday goodie bags. And so an idea was born to personalize each bag with the recipients’ names.

First, I cut out each name on cardstock using my Cricut machine.


Then I took some holiday paper and glued it behind the card to make the name pop with some contrasting color.


Next, I cut the holiday paper to the size of the plastic goodie bag to essentially line it (so they couldn’t see what was in it!).


To add another fun touch, I included candy pieces for them to enjoy when they opened it.


Finally, I added the gift cards (or money if you prefer), sealed the bag and stapled the personalized name tag to the bag.


They turned out quite cute…the great thing about this project is that you can do this for any gift giving occasion like birthdays, graduations, and more!

Happy Holidays from embe!

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