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One Mother’s Day my husband gave me a gorgeous azalea potted plant. It had the most pretty tiny pink flowers on it. Unfortunately I have a bit of a black thumb and the plant did not survive. But I held onto it with the hopes of using it as part of a fairy house. We had built a little house the year before to put outdoors, but I forgot to bring it inside for the winter and it didn’t survive come spring. This time we made it an indoor fairy house in a little bucket.


The bench, birdbath fence, rocks and “Fairies Welcome” sign were from the outdoor garden. The little turtles I pulled from my turtle collection.

Of course no fairy garden would be complete without a hammock. Unable to find one at the craft stores I ended up making one from this DIY hammock tutorial. I used embroidery floss for the string, tiny wood dowels for the ends and the sides are crafting wire.

After the hammock was in place I added the colorful banner made from fabric scraps and hand sewn together (I botched the machine sewing attempt!). The little swing was a last minute addition that I made as well using a popsicle stick and bakers twine.

fairy-garden-1000-3While my kids didn’t help much with putting the fairy garden together they love to play with it. We have a fun game of checking to see if the fairies moved anything overnight. Sometimes the fairies are pretty creative… other times they get pretty lazy!

See how silly the fairies were in putting the coffee in the birdbath?! My kids setup the Lego man for a picnic. I love how they come up with different scenes! One day I found a dinosaur in the garden with all the rabbits hiding in the tree.

I did find a few fairy garden plants to add but, yep, you guessed it, black thumb got to them! I may try again, but put them in mini pots instead of planting it right in the garden.

One winter morning the kids decided to add snow to the garden since we had snow, why not the fairies! The next morning, the kids found the fairies had added some Christmas decorations with a little snowman and Santa. Who were of course hanging out in the hammock!

More recently the fairies left a few pumpkins and a witch hat for Halloween. My daughter added a skeleton (with broken arms) she made out of Perler beads.



We change it up now and then with different buntings and arrangements. I love that it stretches the kids imaginations. They create stories about the teeny tiny fairies that live there and have so much fun adding new decorations.

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