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Last week my kids home brought home two things – their reading sheet for this month’s school reading program and their class list for Valentine’s Day festivities. I decided to combine the two for the kids’ weekend craft: Bookmark Valentines!

So, the bookmark (which also doubles as a ruler) is store-bought. I have no shame admitting it (I am a busy person!). Since there are 60 kids total and the fact that Michael’s had these fun plastic bookmarks at 50% off, I thought it was a great deal!

Using my nifty Cricut machine, I cut out hearts using various shades of pink cardstock and wrote “Books “rule” and so do you!”. I kept the to: and fr: blank so that my kids could fill them out. I like putting them to work – it’s good penmanship practice!

IMG_20170203_133856652    IMG_20170203_134004020

After the kids filled out the hearts with their classmates’ names, they adhered it to the bookmark using glue dots. It’s such a fast, fun Valentine’s Day project that won’t cause cavities! It helps promotes the love of reading which I fully support!

IMG_20170204_142022089  IMG_20170204_142052535  IMG_20170204_143236595

I hope this gives you some Valentine’s Day craft inspiration – Happy Valentine’s Day!


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