Felt Playland For Hours of Imaginary Play!


Winter break arrived and I was scrambling to find activities to keep the kids from going stir crazy! One thing I was able to depend on though is this felt playland I made for them a few summers ago when we went on our first family cruise. It was one of those projects I had wanted to make for the kids for a long time after seeing some amazing felt board activities on Pinterest. Since it was made of felt it seemed like the perfect activity that would travel well in our suitcases.

I picked a fantasy land theme because the kids were really into dragons and castles. The “land” is a large piece of 3″ x 3″ green felt. The rest of the items were cut from smaller 11′ x 8.5′ felt. The main large pieces include a castle with two towers, a mountain, a few houses and a lake. The smaller items were lots and lots of road and river sections, garden plots, trees.


All of it was cut freehand. The houses, castle and mountain were machine sewn together and I used fabric glue for other parts (like the tree trunks to the tree tops). The mountain was haphazardly put together since I had no idea how to make it 3D! I figured the kids wouldn’t be too concerned if it wasn’t perfect as long as it looked like a mountain.


The castle took a few tries before getting it right. At first I wanted to built the towers into the main part but it wasn’t working out. In the end I think the kids like the pieces separate because they can use the towers as part of the castle or as guard towers away from the castle. I also love the little moat/door that can open and close!

My favorite part of it is that it all folds up nice and neat into a drawstring bag! Sometimes the kids will throw all the pieces in the middle and roll it all up.


Even though they are older now they still pull it out to play with!

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