Memory Jars – an Easy DIY Vacation Keepsake

vacation memory jar

Whenever we travel I love collecting mementos of the places we visited. Information flyers, maps, wristbands, and coasters. Sea shells and rocks from the beach are always a must. Anything that could go into an album with our photos! I had so many ideas of albums I would make. I even have a whole Pintrest board for vacation memories!

Unfortunately, when we come home reality would set in and all the mementos would end up in a Ziploc bag. The pile kept growing larger. Luckily inspiration struck when I was putting the finishing touches on a little stairway nook we have. This nook had been sitting empty for a few years after we moved in. I found the idea of using wooden crates from Pinterest (of course!) and started filling up the space with items that hold special memories. The vase of dried flowers are from flowers that hubby has given me. The image of a calla-lily is a reminder of my wedding bouquet. The photo from our wedding day is actually sand art made from Vietnam. (BTW- it’s amazing how the sand art is made! Check it out here: ) Plus a few plants to liven the space up. Our little fairy garden is in the nook as well, you can see a tiny bit of it in the bottom right corner!

vacation memory jar

It needed something more and that’s when it came to me – this would be the perfect place for our vacation memories. And so using my collection of jars and silhouette machine I created memory jars!

vacation memory jar

Putting the jars together

I choose the jars based on the number of items I collected. Then measured the jar so that the words would fit. I have the most fun creating the words in the Silhouette software. I’m a bit of a font hoarder so I have tons and tons to choose from. I even found a cute little ship to put on the Bahamas cruise we took in 2015.

Once I have the design for the city/country completed I cut it out on vinyl using the silhouette and apply it to the jar. It always helps me to lay everything out  next to the jar to see how it will fit. My most recent one was for Myrtle Beach and thought a picture inside would add more variety to the jar. I love how it turned out!

vacation memory jarvacation memory jar

My kids love collecting shells and rocks from the beach too and these help remind them of the vacations we took! I love that we see them every day rather than hiding them in a scrapbook or photo album.

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