About embe

embe was founded by two friends (who are also wives and mothers) who love to make things for their friends and family; you name it – handmade cards, clay figurines, bracelets, keychains, booties, scarves, hats, bags – the list goes on and on!

Our inspiration for embe started when we had our babies (embe is the combination of two words in our Vietnamese language [em] [be’], which means “baby”). Since then, we’ve built a creative outlet to share our passion for creativity with you!

Our mission is to tap into your creative side, and our ultimate goal is to help you build fun memories!

About Cathy

thu_210Growing up my family didn’t have much, so my sister and I had to be creative about our toys. One thing that I will never forget was when Cabbage Patch Kids arrived on the scene. My dad saw how much I wanted one. That Christmas he made me one from a kit he bought at the craft store. That memory has always inspired me to be creative in all aspects of my life.

I’m a lover of graphic design, typography, poetry. Which means there is always something in the works in terms of crafting! Most of my craft time is usually spent painting, stamping, making greeting cards, gardening and crafting with my kids. I have also been known to lose myself in computer games (MMORPG) and fantasy worlds (Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and most recently The Lunar Chronicles!).

About Mary

mary_210The first “real” creative experience I remember was sewing a shirt at the age of eight for my four-year old sister using my mom’s industrial sewing machine. It was white cap sleeved, with red horizontal stripes and even had buttons running on the left shoulder to put her head through! It is a memory I will never forget.

Since then, I’ve sewn, baked, knitted, loomed, painted and cooked my way into the lives of my family and friends. It’s a passion I’ve had since I was a kid.

When I’m not doing all that, I like to read after the kids go down, try different restaurants with my hubby, live vicariously through my kids, use my friends as guinea pigs for new recipes, volunteer at my church and oh, sleep! ☺