LEGO Birthday Party…Fit for a Five Year Old!

The moment my son took interest in LEGOs, I knew it was just a matter of time before I incorporated it as a theme for an upcoming birthday.  So for his big 0-5 birthday at the end of May, I took all those Pinterest pins I saved and created some really cool stuff (if I should say so myself!). Thanks to the pinners for providing awesome ideas for what turned out to >> Continue reading

Colorful 1st Birthday Party

This party was so much fun to plan and execute. I’m not gonna lie, I love how it turned out! I wanted a fun and bright theme and the result was colorful. My goal was to spend as little as possible on decorations because the bulk of the budget was going towards food and alcohol. We had to feed approximately 60 people! One pack of colored paper and 6 streamer >> Continue reading

Kid Craft Day

This idea was actually inspired by a trip to the doctor’s office. My son went in for his 3-year check up and one of the questions that was asked on the child development guide was something like “Can your child use scissors?” It had never dawned on me to let him try. So what a better way to start than with a craft day!   Knowing my son would have >> Continue reading

Gadget love runs in the family

We adore gadgets in my house. My husband always gets me the best gifts. One year I got a minidisc player. Another year I got a Sony Clie and of course last year I got a Canon T1i. We are getting Little peanut started early with the obsession. Check it out…

The chef has her own kitchen!

The Little Peanut loves to cook. Especially to make soup for her daddy. We got her cooking pots and pans for Christmas and I figured she needed her own kitchen to go along with it. Living in a condo leaves little room for big toy items such as a real kitchen (which I would LOVE to get if money and space were no issue!) I went for second best: Making >> Continue reading

Mommy brag: itsy bitsy spiders….

As Mommies (and Daddies) not only did we gain an additional member of our family but we gained bragging rights! What? You didn’t read that part in What to Expect When You’re Expecting?! Ok, so maybe it wasn’t in there… but everyone knows parents love to brag about their kids. And well, since this is my blog…. We were in the midst of a little photo shoot of one of >> Continue reading

Milestone weekend for my kids

Last weekend my family enjoyed two great milestones in our kids’ lives; my baby girl (who is exactly three months old today!) got baptized and my boy turned 2! It was a very special weekend shared with family and friends. Unfortunately, my family back in Texas was not able to partake, but we definitely felt their love, thoughts and prayers. One of my sisters sent each of them cards – >> Continue reading

1st Birthday Party

A few weeks ago I posted about some party theme ideas I found. In the end I decided to go with a color theme of pink and green and to save the more specific themes until our little one was older. The color theme came about when I was making the invitations. I turned to to create it because I knew it would give me the stickers I needed >> Continue reading

Isaac update: 15 months

Isaac turned 15 months this past Monday. He weighs 24 pounds and measures 32 inches (we think the nurse gipped him out of 1/4-1/2 inch!). His “tests” indicated that his development is that of a 21-month old (hey, a mother has a right to brag, right?!). It’s so cliche, but I’m so amazed how fast kids grow! Just two months ago, he started walking, and now he’s practically running. Here are some of >> Continue reading