Etsy Favorite Wednesday: Deviate

I used to work at the gift wrap department in Marshal Fields (which became Dayton’s and then Macy’s) and saw many wedding registry gifts come through. In case you were interested or ever find you’re on a trivia show- the most popular items are towels and silverware. Not too exciting right? Being Asian it’s typical to give cash so I’ve rarely had the opportunity to shop a registry but if >> Continue reading

Dream nursery for my girl

Like every every expecting mother I went through a nesting phase. Unfortunately we live in a 2 bedroom condo that was converted into a large 1 bedroom and I had no space to “nest.” To curb the feeling I would go online, pretend shop and bookmark everything I liked and I soon had a darling nursery for my daughter… even if it is virtual! My husband (and wallet!) should be >> Continue reading