Indoor Fairy Garden

One Mother’s Day my husband gave me a gorgeous azalea potted plant. It had the most pretty tiny pink flowers on it. Unfortunately I have a bit of a black thumb and the plant did not survive. But I held onto it with the hopes of using it as part of a fairy house. We had built a little house the year before to put outdoors, but I forgot to >> Continue reading

Finger Knitting Fun

“Mommy can you show me how to do that thing with the string and sticks?” She had seen me knitting earlier in the week and wanted to make a scarf for her brother. Yay! I was so excited she wanted to learn! I quickly found a pair of size 10 needles and some chunky yarn. I cast-on about 20 stitches and showed her the knit stitch. She had trouble wrapping >> Continue reading

homemade play dough

Homemade Play Dough

When my son started preschool, I didn’t realize how much “homework” I would end up having. Making homemade play dough was one of them but it turned out to be quite fun; as an added bonus, I finally found a use for cream of tartar (who knew?!). Anyway, I searched online for a simple recipe and came across one on Pinterest from Art Nest. The consistency was great, the colors >> Continue reading

Kid Craft Day

This idea was actually inspired by a trip to the doctor’s office. My son went in for his 3-year check up and one of the questions that was asked on the child development guide was something like “Can your child use scissors?” It had never dawned on me to let him try. So what a better way to start than with a craft day!   Knowing my son would have >> Continue reading

DIY: Cardboard Playhouse

My sister in Texas has this toy playhouse that her kids have outgrown. It would be perfect for my kids right now but the cost to ship it up here would have been way too much. After she mentioned it again during one of our phone conversations, it got me thinking about making a playhouse for my kids. It just so happened that I had a large box from an >> Continue reading

Too many cooks in the kitchen?! Not at our house!

We got our 16-month little girl a little kitchen set for Christmas. Just recently she’s joined her big brother in the kitchen and has been having a blast feeding me plastic food. This new activity for her inspired me to create our latest handmade item, the little apron skirt & oven mitt. They’re so adorable and fun that even my son has gotten into wearing the skirt version (I’ll just >> Continue reading

iLove gadgets

We’re a gadget family as you probably noticed here and here. Lately though we’ve been partial to everything Apple – iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Macbooks…. maybe an Apple TV soon?! Hint hint hubby! After I got over the “wow it’s my shiny new phone that I can check my email, Facebook and Twitter on” phase I discovered the apps. (It’s a little embarrassing to admit but even though I’m in the >> Continue reading

Craft Tip: “Stove top” table cloth

My son is all about pretend play and he especially loves “cooking”. I thought about getting him a kitchen set but then I thought about all the space that it would take up let alone the cost of it! So I put on my creative cap and designed a stove top table cloth that could be placed on his existing table since he ALREADY plays with my real pots and >> Continue reading

Fun & free 4 kids in the Twin Cities – Children’s Museum

Wait, what? The Children’s Museum is free? Not every day but it is on every third Sunday of the month thanks to Target Corp. There are 4 levels to the museum and many different play areas.  The Little Peanut had so much fun that we’re planning on heading back whenever we can. We had to drag her away from World Works, the water filled “action-packed, hands-on environment that encourages investigating, >> Continue reading